Friday, October 10, 2008

Confidence In Economic Hardships

President Bush gave a speech on our economic crisis.  He believes we should feel assured that their administration is doing all they can do to solve the economic problems.  Bush stated,  "This is an anxious time. But the American people can be confident in our economic future. We know what the problems are. We have the tools to fix them. And we're working swiftly to do so". Bush wants the American people to feel confident in his plans, but how can we if we are now in a huge national debt?  The American people have done nothing, but try to trust in the president and hope he doesn't make America an even worser country than what he already made it to be.
President Bush outlined the government's $700 billion bailout plan.  All the president wants is for the American people to have patience while he uses our hard earned money to bailout our "tumbling markets".  Even though Bush has actually thought of something to get us out of these economic hardships this still isn't the plan that the American people need.  People don't want to be paying more taxes to bail out the stock market.   

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