Thursday, October 30, 2008

Swing Baby, Swing!

Horse racers get your horses ready!
1... 2... 3... GO!!  And there off!!!  With John McCain taking the lead and Barack Obama struggling behind.  Now what's this?  Obama is closing in on McCain. What's this!!?  By a startling upset Obama has taken the lead!  Obama has taken the swing states. We didn't think he'd do it, but he sure did it and proved McCain & Palin wrong too. Yup, you have just read the best news of all folks.  Well if your an Obama supporter then its good and if not well sorry buddy.  Anyways Obama has leads over McCain in states such as Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Ohio with the majority of the percentage.  These polls were conducted over the phone from October 23-28. The polls also conducted demographic breakdowns in North Carolina to see who was voting for who and also what type of person was voting for what. The demographics conducted showed the same things in two states, but one state, the North Carolinian state had major demographic breakdowns.  This all helps to somewhat get a better view on the voters mind. 

Looks Are Everything...

Sadly, studies have found that women running for office need to have the looks that kill or look attractive, and knowledge to get the people's vote.  For males running for office, just having some knowledge is all it takes to get votes. These studies were conducted in Northwestern University's psychology department. The psychology department tested males and they discovered that they prefer the female to have plenty of insight or knowledge. For females they preferred a man who has plenty of knowledge and who is most approachable.
The university's test was made to determine what things make people want to vote for a candidate. They even made a hypothesis on a male and a female running for office. They believed that male and female voters would want to vote for someone who was smart and good looking at the same time. Even though they came up with this, this is still a hypothesis. Determining a person's vote for a candidate on just a person's traits isn't enough evidence.
  Chiao a woman who conducted the experiment in the psychology department stated that the femal candidate needs to be beautiful and intelligent because you never know if both of these factors can work with you.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Obama's Donations

Since the start of Obama's presidential campaign, Obama has been getting donations from all over the U.S.  The donations come from people who feel that he can make a change in the U.S. and from people who believe in his ideals.  The average contribution the campaign gets from people's donations is under $100.  These donations have been becoming increasingly large over the progress of his presidential campaigning.   In August, Obama's campaigning led him to raise $65 million in pure donations.  In September, he raised $150 million in donations.  This set a new record on how much a campaign can raise. 632,000 new supporters gave money to the campaign. More than 3 million donors have given money to the campaign.
Even though the campaign has raised a ton of money, David Plouffe, Obama's campaign manager, told Obama's supporters that they still need more money to defeat McCain's campaign.  Since McCain's campaign has been attacking them with ads, they need all the help they can get.  Obama's campaign also needs the money to campaign in West Virginia, North Dakota and Georgia. They don't want to regret anything so they are doing all they can to help Obama reach the top!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Ambition Above All Else

Obama may have tried to influence Iraqi politicians into negotiating with the United States. A newspaper printed that Obama told Iraqi leaders in Baghdad in June that an agreement between the United States and leaders to allow U.S. troops to stay in the country after 2008 should not go into effect unless their is congressional approval.  An agreement was almost near between the U.S. and Iraq.  
From this sparked Sarah Palin, said that Obama puts "ambition above country." Palin later stated, "In a way that would set back America's cause there, while advancing his campaign here." Palin says that Obama will set back America. Palin also said, "To put political ambitions in front of doing what's right for our troops is breathtaking, and it's unacceptable." Palin just wants things to go good for the troops in the war. She feels Obama won't accomplish that.

Rage! Rage!! Rage!!! Rage!!!!

Recently Barack Obama has been kicking ass and taking names at the polls!  Since Obama has been winning in the polls Republican followers have been beginning to become outraged. One attendee at the rally said, ". . . we're all wondering why that Obama is where he's at, how he got here. I mean, everybody in this room is stunned that we're in this position."  The person in this rally thought that Obama was not even going to make it out of primaries or even get close to it.  He also felt that Obama wouldn't be a challenge to McCain.  
Another person at a rally in Minnesota stated, "I don't trust Obama. I have read about him and he's an Arab".  McCain shook his head and said, "No ma'am, no ma'am. He's a decent family man... [a] citizen that I just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues.  That's what this campaign is all about."
McCain told the people at the rally to be respectful.
Republican presidential administrations feel that the rallies will eventually lead to violence.  This is something that the candidates need to calm down in their rallies before violence stirs up.

Confidence In Economic Hardships

President Bush gave a speech on our economic crisis.  He believes we should feel assured that their administration is doing all they can do to solve the economic problems.  Bush stated,  "This is an anxious time. But the American people can be confident in our economic future. We know what the problems are. We have the tools to fix them. And we're working swiftly to do so". Bush wants the American people to feel confident in his plans, but how can we if we are now in a huge national debt?  The American people have done nothing, but try to trust in the president and hope he doesn't make America an even worser country than what he already made it to be.
President Bush outlined the government's $700 billion bailout plan.  All the president wants is for the American people to have patience while he uses our hard earned money to bailout our "tumbling markets".  Even though Bush has actually thought of something to get us out of these economic hardships this still isn't the plan that the American people need.  People don't want to be paying more taxes to bail out the stock market.