Thursday, October 30, 2008

Swing Baby, Swing!

Horse racers get your horses ready!
1... 2... 3... GO!!  And there off!!!  With John McCain taking the lead and Barack Obama struggling behind.  Now what's this?  Obama is closing in on McCain. What's this!!?  By a startling upset Obama has taken the lead!  Obama has taken the swing states. We didn't think he'd do it, but he sure did it and proved McCain & Palin wrong too. Yup, you have just read the best news of all folks.  Well if your an Obama supporter then its good and if not well sorry buddy.  Anyways Obama has leads over McCain in states such as Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Ohio with the majority of the percentage.  These polls were conducted over the phone from October 23-28. The polls also conducted demographic breakdowns in North Carolina to see who was voting for who and also what type of person was voting for what. The demographics conducted showed the same things in two states, but one state, the North Carolinian state had major demographic breakdowns.  This all helps to somewhat get a better view on the voters mind. 

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