Thursday, October 30, 2008

Looks Are Everything...

Sadly, studies have found that women running for office need to have the looks that kill or look attractive, and knowledge to get the people's vote.  For males running for office, just having some knowledge is all it takes to get votes. These studies were conducted in Northwestern University's psychology department. The psychology department tested males and they discovered that they prefer the female to have plenty of insight or knowledge. For females they preferred a man who has plenty of knowledge and who is most approachable.
The university's test was made to determine what things make people want to vote for a candidate. They even made a hypothesis on a male and a female running for office. They believed that male and female voters would want to vote for someone who was smart and good looking at the same time. Even though they came up with this, this is still a hypothesis. Determining a person's vote for a candidate on just a person's traits isn't enough evidence.
  Chiao a woman who conducted the experiment in the psychology department stated that the femal candidate needs to be beautiful and intelligent because you never know if both of these factors can work with you.

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