Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Eavesdropping On Americans!

Congress is investigating some allegations that the National Security Agency is eavesdropping on people's phone calls.  The allegations were made by Adrienne Kinne and David Murfee Faulk.  Kinne and Faulk said that linguists who complained about eavesdropping were ordered to keep on doing their job of transcribing calls.  The agency's Inspector General has investigated some of the allegations and found that the allegatons were unsupported by evidence.  Their are still other allegations that need to be investigated.  The U.S. laws and regulations states that any wrongdoing by employees is subject to a thorough inspection.  
According to the Bush administration, they allow the intelligence community to monitor phone calls between the U.S. and overseas.  The catch to do this is that one of the people in the conversation have to be a terrorist suspect to be able to monitor the call.  Adrienne Kinne says he heard military officers listening in on phone conversations that had nothing to do with terrorists or terrorism. 

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