Saturday, September 6, 2008

Cheney's Opinions Towards Russia's Invasion

Vice President Dick Cheney went to Italy for a conference of governmental buisness. He later in his conference bad mouths Russia's invasion on Georgia. Cheney says, "For Brutality against a neighbor is simply the latest in a succesion of troublesome and unhelpful actions by the Russian government." Cheney faulted Russia by saying they that they have made disaster upon the Georgians lives, by taking people out of their own homes, killing innocent people, and failing suspend their weapons. 
Cheney later went to visit Georgia's President, Mikheil Saakashvili to make an offer he can't refuse. He told the president of Georgia that the United States will help rebuild their country. The U.S. promised $1 billion dollars to aid Georgia.
Since the U.S. is going to help Georgia, how is the U.S. going to help fund for this massive amont of money? Does this mean the taxes will go up? If it does will it effect everyone or just the poor? I for one don't think we should involve ourselves into ANY foreign affairs. In our nation's history it never turns out good. We always end up losing in some way or another. If we do end up funding Georgia, doesn't this make us Russia's enemies? Are we involving ourselves in another war?

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Beatriz Ramirez said...

I dont get this country anymore.Why are we wasting so much money on other coutries knowing that we have our own problems as well. I think its just going to bring even more problems.